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My Javascript Projects

  • TTFonte.com

    This is a site that I developed as part of my job. It uses Next.js as its framework, and it heavily utilizes specific features that appear directly in Next.js, such as image optimization and advanced prefetching. Additionally I used ReCAPTCHA v3, and sendgrid to add some features that my employer wanted.

  • MyPronouns.tech

    I created a website and an API that allows people and developers to use accurate pronouns. The main part of the page is the “business card” section which allows users to create small personalized pages that can contain anything from their preffered pronouns to links to their social media sites. The secondary part of the site is an API that takes information from the “business card” database to allow developers access to the pronouns of their users to enable better personalization. I used Next.js and MongoDB as the backbone of this project.

  • My personal site

    This is the site that You're on right now. I created it as my portfolio and blog. I used Next.js and MongoDB to create it. It uses a mix of server-side rendering and compile-time rendered sites. Some additonal technologies that I employed were ReCAPTCHA v3, sendgrid, and Auth0.